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What Families are saying about Dr. Gail

My autistic 18-year-old daughter has been a patient Dr Gail’s for several years now, and Dr Gail is the quarterback of her treatment. Rather than my needing to keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge therapies and supplement options, I rely confidently on Dr Gail to do so for me. What a relief and joy!

I appreciate the rigorous biological testing as the benchmark for my daughter’s super-specific issues, and Dr. Gail’s knowledge of how to address any needs that these blood and urine tests reveal. Accordingly there is a holistic and unique approach that is tailor-made to my daughter.

The name “Behind the Prescription” says it all; rather than prescribed meds with their ever-changing side effects and long-term use limitations, she takes multiple natural and purely-formulated supplements that help her tremendously.

I also appreciate the ease of working with Dr. Gail with her comprehensive on-line tools that allow for ease of communication and a depository for notes and other information that used to fill many paper file folders.

My daughter adores Dr. Gail as well. The functional medicine approach resonates with me, and has proven to work for my daughter.

Being on a team with Dr Gail “calling the plays” is a true blessing.

(Mom of DD, New York)


We live in Staten Island and at first I was like, “do I really need to go to Connecticut to see a Doctor?” I live in New York where some of the best doctors in the world practice. However, the first day I walked into the office I knew I was in the right place and that Frankie would be taken care of. When we go visit Dr. S we feel like we are visiting family. We are in a comfortable setting and going to see the doctor is actually a pleasant experience. Dr. S uses old school medicine along with new age medicine to give your child the best of both worlds. She is way ahead of her time in regards to Autism Spectrum Disorders. My son has tried many different cutting edge treatments and I believe that he is who he is today because of Dr. S and the care he has received.

(Mom of FM, New York)


The day I received my sons Autism (then called PDD-NOS) diagnosis is a day I will never forget. I was told by this large well known hospital that my beautiful, funny, light of my life child might never do so many things…and by the way he needs 40 hours a week of therapy and be sure to stay away from crazy diets and things because nothing will help. They gave me no direction and no reason to have hope. I left devastated, sought the 40 hours of therapy and then buried my head in the sand.

A few years later my eyes were opened to the world of functional medicine. After starting with a few different Doctors I found Dr. Gail Szakacs. Right from the beginning I knew I found a Doctor that actually listens to me and sees my son as a whole. There were so many things going on in his little body that was crying out for help. There were medical reasons behind so many issues he had and not just “it is part of Autism” as I was previously told. We began testing and went to work. He has made incredible gains over the last few years and I have finally found a place that gives me the direction I so desperately needed.

Helping my son is a marathon not a sprint. And we are still running. But my head is no longer buried in the sand. In fact, he builds castles right alongside me now.

(Mom of TB, Massachusetts)


Our family has been with Dr. S for several years now. She has helped our boys through some challenging health crises. Her extensive knowledge of the relationship between autism, the gut, and the immune system is invaluable. Dr. S is compassionate, flexible, and committed to working with us as a team to help our boys achieve better health outcomes and an improved quality of life.

(Mom of LR and OR, Massachusetts)


We have been seeing Dr Szakacs for 8 yrs. When we started our son had a lot of digestive issues. He has autism and was completely non-verbal and very irritable most of the time. He would get a monthly fever and every illness was a minimum of 5 days. Dr Szakacs did a lot of work on his gut and immune system. He’s a happy kid most of the time now and he recovers from illnesses so quickly. We have tried a lot of different supplements through the years and Dr Szakacs makes sure if we are not seeing results with a particular treatment that we move on to something else. She is always easy to reach when an illness does hit and we need help. We are so grateful to have her experience and patience on our journey to help our son be healthy and progress.

(Mom of TO, Rhode Island)


We were fortunate to have crossed paths with Dr. Szakacs ten years ago when our son, (now age 16) was 6 years old.
Over the years, Dr. Gail has expertly guided us in identifying and treating the multiple medical conditions beneath his Autism and has helped him achieve improved health and ongoing progress toward his fullest potential.
I have been impressed with Dr. Gail’s keen insight, innovative thinking, and willingness to answer my questions and hear my concerns. She has been progressive in her treatment recommendations without seeking or promising a silver bullet. We have appreciated her “no-stone-left-unturned” persistence and her thoroughness in bringing treatments options to us that are a good match for his presentation.
We have particularly appreciated her view of nutraceuticals, nutrition and dietary interventions as equally, if not more, impactful than pharmaceuticals while still prescribing pharmaceutical medication when necessary.
Our autism journey has had its highs and lows and we feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Szakacs as a partner along the way.

(Mom of NS, Massachusetts)