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At Beyond the Prescription, we set you up for success in health!

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We form a partnership with you and incorporate the best parts of traditional medicine into a Functional Medicine framework to finally uncover the healthier you!


We Believe…

  • Chronic illness is treatable.
  • Our genes do not totally define us
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ regarding your health solutions.
  • Food is medicine.
  • Health is more than just the absence of disease.

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We Pledge to…

  • Focus on you as an individual.
  • Create a more accessible and personalized path to wellness.
  • Meet you where you are on the healing journey – and start there.
  • Collaborate with you serve as a partner on your journey.
  • Utilize natural and non-invasive interventions whenever possible.
  • Always seek minimal effective dosage of the fewest possible interventions, whether of natural or more traditional origin.
  • To get to know you and watch that healthy person emerge as we go beyond the prescription and work to put an end to your days of being sick & tired of feeling sick & tired.

What Patients are saying

My autistic 18-year-old daughter has been a patient Dr Gail’s for several years now, and Dr Gail is the quarterback of her treatment. Rather than my needing to keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge therapies and supplement options, I rely confidently on Dr Gail to do so for me. What a relief and joy!
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I appreciate the rigorous biological testing as the benchmark for my daughter’s super-specific issues, and Dr. Gail’s knowledge of how to address any needs that these blood and urine tests reveal. Accordingly there is a holistic and unique approach that is tailor-made to my daughter.

The name “Behind the Prescription” says it all; rather than prescribed meds with their ever-changing side effects and long-term use limitations, she takes multiple natural and purely-formulated supplements that help her tremendously.

I also appreciate the ease of working with Dr. Gail with her comprehensive on-line tools that allow for ease of communication and a depository for notes and other information that used to fill many paper file folders.

My daughter adores Dr. Gail as well. The functional medicine approach resonates with me, and has proven to work for my daughter.

Being on a team with Dr Gail “calling the plays” is a true blessing.

(Mom of DD, New York)

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