Kamagra 100mg

Indications for use

The tablets are used to increase male potency and prevent erectile dysfunction. In addition to the kamagra 100mg main sexual problems (weak potency, short-term erection), men can have unpleasant situations in bed, which should be eliminated.

These include:

  1. poor sexual desire;
  2. early ejaculation;
  3. decreased genital sensitivity;
  4. the inability to achieve orgasm.

Kamagra will help not only restore the lost functions but also strengthen potency and make the penis harder. With this remedy, every man can prevent diseases of the genitourinary system. Kamagra has a positive effect on the entire urogenital system of men. Blood circulation increases, blood vessels dilate, the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood and an erection occurs. The drug begins to work after 40-50 minutes and lasts for 5-6 hours.

Literally 15-20 minutes after taking the pill, a man observes positive changes:

  • increased sexual desire;
  • increased sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • increased energy;
  • increased potency.

The main task of the generic medicine is to help a men get an erection and keep it for a long time. Healthy potency and a strong erection are observed in men after a single use of the drug. If the tablets are taken regularly, then sexual intercourse will last even longer. The action of sildenafil ends gradually. To treat erectile dysfunction and to restore lost sexual function, a course of treatment is usually prescribed. The result is visible after several days of use. The effect of sildenafil depends on the general condition of the patient and the presence of other diseases. Before using these tablets, you need to visit a doctor and make sure that the drug is chosen correctly. This medication works only if the man desires intimacy. There is no unplanned erection after taking the drug.

Take 1 tablet according to the scheme prescribed by your doctor. The usual dosage of the drug is 50-100 mg per day. The tablet should be taken orally with plenty of water an hour before the planned intercourse. It is not recommended to combine the drug with fatty foods. The effect of sildenafil will be more pronounced when a tablet is taken on an empty stomach. To get the best effect, you need to drink plenty of water. Drinking grapefruit juice is not recommended. This can increase the concentration of sildenafil and affect the well-being of men.

In some cases, Kamagra can cause the following side effects:

  • headache;
  • flushed face;
  • digestion disorder;
  • nasal congestion;
  • skin rash.

Side effects are temporary and usually pass within 2 hours. If such reactions persist for a longer time, then medical help is needed. The key to successful treatment is compliance with all the doctor’s recommendations.

Kamagra is contraindicated for use in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity to the drug components;
  • the penis is injured or severely deformed;
  • severe pathologies of the liver and kidneys;
  • cardiovascular disease in which you cannot engage in sexual activity;
  • joint use with nitrates or donates of nitric oxide;
  • treatment with antibiotics or hypertension medications;
  • female sex;

    Do not use Kamagra with any of the following drug groups:

  • organic nitrates;
  • nitric oxide donors;
  • alpha and beta-blockers;
  • selective inhibitors.

Treatment includes gastric lavage. You should contact your doctor if the symptoms are severe and/or do not pass after a few hours. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of Kamagra – 100 mg. If you use the drug for the first time, start with the minimum dose – 50 mg.